The Drums Collection – Vol. 2 – Organic Drums

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Sick of your drums sounding empty? Always wonder where all that energy comes from in some of the pros tracks? Well, wonder no more, it generally comes from the “airy-ness” in the high energy they’re layering with their digital drums giving your drums another dimension, and that is no better achieved in my opinion than layering your digitals with analogs! So, here you have it, a pack of organically recorded, live drums & percussion spanning 267, 24-bit, 44.1 kHz files totalling 318MB. This pack is broken up into:
  • 51 x organic fills
  • 36 x hats & cymbals
  • 25 x kicks
  • 124 x loops
  • 11 x snares; and
  • 20 x toms

This pack couples fantastically with my digital drums pack, so make sure you get that one, too if you’re really trying to step up your drum game! We all know that most tracks are started with the drums, and the drums shape every other sound you make after that in a BIG way, so don’t start weak. Whether you use this pack or another pack, always make sure you’re starting from a solid basis (hey a free production tip in my sales pitch – you’re welcome).

Worth 50 Mr. Bill Bucks!
What's This?

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What's This?

8 reviews for The Drums Collection – Vol. 2 – Organic Drums

  1. Aaron Miles

    That tasty OG goodness we know and love!

  2. Sam Murti

    These are some Grade A, Free Range, Organic, Kosher drums man. I just gotta know are they non-gmo?

  3. Sander Cools

    These Organic Drum fills are amazing.. 🙂 still have to check all the other good stuff… thanks!

  4. Paulo De Castro

    Amazing pack of organic good sh**!

  5. Symmol

    The drums are amazing for getting that acoustic sound in your tracks, or just for layering. Every sample in here is reusable where ever you need them.

  6. Rhekluse

    Mr. Bill went full vegan with these drums. Good on you Bill ya healthy cu.. <3

  7. Viberous

    Another drum pack that you can use every sample…compliments the digital drum pack especially well. Best of both worlds!

  8. kreatim

    The Quality of this pack is great. There are allot of great usable samples.
    There are to many sample packs out there today and allot of them are not really interesting.
    Thanks to Mr. Bill there are finally packs out there that people actually can use.
    Thank you for these great packs!

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