The Foley Collection – Vol. 4 – Outdoors

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Fuck going outside, amirite? Yes, I am… Studio is the best place… hunnid percent.

So, don’t worry, I went outside for you to record these 123 samples totalling 39.8MB.

This pack contains the sounds of bushes ruffling, sticks breaking, rocks crunching, a folding chair being dragged around and just other general things that people tend to do when they’re outside.

This pack is great for layering on drums to give your production that organic, Amon Tobin / Eskmo edge it requires for your friends to think you have some integrity as an artist!

Yeah, I said it, your friends are dicks.

Worth 50 Mr. Bill Bucks!
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What's This?

7 reviews for The Foley Collection – Vol. 4 – Outdoors

  1. Ethr

    perfect mood setters

  2. Paulo De Castro

    Lacking that intro ambience? Here ya go!! Topnotch recordings


    It’s everything I ever wanted and more ✪.✪

  4. aachafin

    Awesome samples to add vibe in your track!!!

  5. Symmol

    Looking for some natural sounds to layer with your percussion? Then look no further. This pack is filled with the sounds of the outside world without any need to leave your own studio.

  6. Viberous

    Great samples to layer over percussion or claps/snares. Crumbly crunches and snappy snaps oh my.

  7. Rhekluse

    I don’t get out much and now with this pack I don’t have to go out at all. FML. Includes everything from bushes to folding chairs to even sticks breaking. I will never need to leave the Matrix now.

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