The Drums Collection – Vol. 3 – Experimental Drums

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How many times have you been sitting around and thought “Well turn me around and push my shit back in, I’ve been absolutely rinsing Bill’s older drum packs and I’m sick of it!”?

If you’ve done this even one time, it’s too many! (trust me… I’ve heard). But boy do I have the solution for you… Another drum pack ?

Let that shit ooze out in the correct direction once and for all!
(Oh, and enjoy the experimental drums) ❤️

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What's This?

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What's This?

3 reviews for The Drums Collection – Vol. 3 – Experimental Drums

  1. Sander Cools

    so hot

  2. Paulo De Castro

    Wow! Just wow! Another amazing pack. Buying them all!

  3. gardnsound

    Research Log 073118:

    I’ve begun experimenting with a new sample pack. This one is far more innovative than previous tests. I feel a strange desire to create new forms of music.

    More testing is required…

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