The Drums Collection – Vol. 1 – Digital Drums

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Ever been watching a Mr. Bill tutorial or live-stream & thought to yourself “where did you get those drums?”

Maybe you haven’t, but certainly enough have for me to warrant remembering people asking! Well, here you go! The truth is, I usually make a lot of my drums, now they’re all yours! This pack includes 311, 24-bit, 44.1 kHz files totalling 242MB and is broken down into:

  • 26 x claps & rimshots
  • 59 x kicks
  • 93 x loops
  • 60 x digital percussion; and
  • 73 x snares.

We all know that most tracks are started with the drums, and the drums shape every other sound you make after that in a BIG way, so don’t start weak. Whether you use this pack or another pack, always make sure you’re starting from a solid basis (hey a free production tip in my sales pitch – you’re welcome). Also never ask me where my drums come from again, just get this pack & be done with it, good sir (or madam)!

Worth 50 Mr. Bill Bucks!
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What's This?

17 reviews for The Drums Collection – Vol. 1 – Digital Drums

  1. Romain

    High quality samples, I highly recommend 😉

  2. J

    Kick generator is great. Thanks

  3. Matt

    Top tier drum samples. Every single sample is useful in its own way and really helped bring my tracks to life. Thanks Mr Bill!

  4. Paulo De Castro

    Uh Mr Bills Drums? YES PLEASE!!!

  5. Datsura

    These drums are in a tier of their own. When it comes to Ableton, Mr. Bill > all else.

  6. Teodor

    I downloaded this Drums Collection because I thought I will find the Kick rack from your video in Youtube :
    But I didn’t find it 🙁 disappointed

  7. FelonyFelony

    Damn, this drums are so tight, man! Really love it

  8. aillanes

    this samples are simply amazing. they work well with everything!

  9. k100music

    I could literally just throw all of my other drums samples out! Every single hit in this pack suits any sort of musical style you’re going for.

  10. Symmöl Metrai

    Amazing drum samples in here, I’ve been using them in practically every track of mine since I bought this pack!

  11. jose rodelo

    thank you so much, those samples are amazing ! =)

  12. Viberous

    This may be one of the only drum sample-packs that doesn’t need processing. 10/10

  13. Rhekluse

    This is the pinnacle of Bills expertise. A solid collection of Drums!

  14. Rrome

    hi, i just want to know how to use your kick generator ??

  15. IsItU?

    Finally some good samples. Thank you

  16. brando208

    An essential pack. I no longer have to get multiple packs for a handful of decent drums. Everything in this is quality.

  17. Liquen

    really useful sounds, i am not going to scroll through millons of samples never more! thanks mr. bill for that!

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