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I spent a whole year collecting my best one-shots and loops!

I now have over 1500 files in my most comprehensive sample pack to date.

SPECTRA is the ultimate sample pack!

Worth 500 Mr. Bill Bucks!
What's This?


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What's This?

14 reviews for SPECTRA

  1. Raf

    This sample pack is hax for music production

  2. Calan Neurenberg


  3. jetr3l

    Excellent stuff, thanks Mr. Bill!

  4. brong

    I haven’t download yet

  5. es.zoid

    INSPIRING, awsome

  6. Boris Westerlund

    Love all the hidden gems in this godlike pack.

  7. Emily Makarewicz

    So excited for this!

  8. jayc goldy

    i fucking love you

  9. Lucas ziebart

    This is God tier !

  10. tripphazzarddj

    Nice one Mr. Bill thanks

  11. Erikas Šmidtas

    Stunning sound design!

  12. Luke Tascone

    Oi m8! wut are u waiting for !? Download the fookin pack!

  13. James Killian Harvey


  14. silentscience

    Absolutely a must-have. Bill pulls it off again!

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