Mr. Bill & Andrew Huang – Droppy

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After my involvement with “4 Producers 1 Sample”, Andrew asked me to come to Toronto and spend a few days with him in his studio there. The result is “Droppy”, a tune based on the concept of both of us trying to make dumber drops than the other person.


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8 reviews for Mr. Bill & Andrew Huang – Droppy

  1. Jason

    You both have potential to be dumbstep pros. For serious though, super nasty production 🙂

  2. luisfreeze

    Sick and fun !

  3. luisfreeze

    Sick and fun !

  4. Unableton

    Mr.Bill puts quality even in stupid things, love it.

  5. The Gimp

    The dumbest thing I ever heard. Well done.

  6. lastlst

    I don’t want to be smart anymore 🙂

  7. Jacob Whitt

    1 star. dumbest song evar.

  8. Eddie787

    Nutty soung, nutty project, love it all 🙂

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