Screening (ft. Funi)

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What's This?

12 reviews for Screening (ft. Funi)

  1. Nuke Skywalker

    Love this! Thanks you!

  2. brad dose

    Mr. Bill. would you please release hte project files for Pish Posh? i think its your best work i wanna learn what you did there

  3. tedsteger

    Ayy love this tune man, one of my favorites of yours. I was curious about how you went about making those glitch fills in the “Drop 1 Glitch” channel. I skimmed the stream of the song and it didn’t seem like you got there yet. Was it some kind of variation of your exponential rhythm technique or some kind of glitch plug-in sound design sesh? That’s what it sounded like to me.

    Thanks love the content man!

    • Mr. Bill

      Definitely just some sort of glitch sound design sesh!

  4. Jimi NA

    I love the guitars! The drum, bass, and guitar group sound great alone, like a stripped down version.

  5. Wesley Star Crushrr

    You are so Dope Mr bill! i appreciate your humor all over this site. especially your random description of all the sample packs. i couldn’t stop laughing earlier. sssss sss fucking hilarious man! That one youtube .. the newer pilot introdcutory for the courses and Mr bill Resources. Wtf? i never laughed so hard in my life. ahahhahha ‘ you wanna learn music you kikes.’ or whatever you uttered..

    Thanks brotha i wanna get you back somehow. So many countless hours passively and actively watching and learning production tips for you and tom cosm. Dupspot and pyramid t.n.a.f. Bless you all
    i liked this tune.. Seren8

  6. Trebolo

    Amazing sound design, great track great mix……Thanks again !!!!

  7. Jeano

    Woww, Koan Sound vibes from this one Mr Bill. I cant believe you give a the project for $5! I would pay $30

    • Mr. Bill

      Ah thanks, man! Really appreciate the support. If you want to support at a higher level, perhaps consider becoming a subscriber here & getting access to everything 🙂

  8. shwex

    beautiful track, thanks Bill. : )

  9. Masta Shredda

    This song is one of my FAVS! Big UP Mr. B

  10. Kuba

    Used VST?

    • Mr. Bill

      Note: These are all frozen, and you could technically open this project file & have it run perfectly with the current demo version of Live. However, if you want to unfreeze everything for whatever reason, the plug-ins used are:

      FabFilter Pro-Q 2
      Valhalla Room
      Izotope Alloy 2
      Zebra 2
      Kontakt 5
      JST Gain Reduction

  11. PlainSimple

    beautiful track ,thanks for the project !

  12. 4i20music

    Amazing music! Keep this amazing work guys

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