The Foley Collection (7 in 1)

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Need layers? We got layers… We got alllll the layers. Here’s the deal. Electronic music sounds pretty bland without layering – this is where foley comes in, you use it to layer on basses, drums, synth sounds, other foley, anything really. It adds texture, sonic interest & relisten value. Get all 7 foley packs at once for a discounted price to have ALLLLL the layers! 😀

Sample packs included:
The Foley Collection – Vol.1 – Breaking Things
The Foley Collection – Vol.2 – Liquids
The Foley Collection – Vol.3 – Metals
The Foley Collection – Vol.4 – Outdoors
The Foley Collection – Vol.5 – Machinery
The Foley Collection – Vol.6 – Domestics
The Foley Collection – Vol.7 – Sports & Music

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1 review for The Foley Collection (7 in 1)

  1. mycatsarebad

    All of the sample packs are solid. Very good quality recordings. All of them, even the longer / stranger / more experimental ones, are very usable for any type of audio project.

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