The Bass Collection – Vol. 2 – Experimental Basses

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Creative artistic experimentation… Sounds good, doesn’t work.

JK, it works. I am living proof that you can be a weird, middle-aged man & be fine. I’m fine… OK. Anyway, if you’ve ever thought “Damn child, this electronic audio music piece I am producing is sounding very dope & I cannot wait to play it at the concert, but I really wish that it had the sound of a robot shitting itself in there somewhere” then, look no further. I have got your family… I mean you*… I have got you* This particular pack does NOT come with the anti-dick shooting serum, but it does however come with 112 24-bit, 44.1kHz, WAV files named after & influenced by artists such as Tipper & other artists that sound like Tipper.

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What's This?

2 reviews for The Bass Collection – Vol. 2 – Experimental Basses

  1. whytfng

    7/10 Needs more anti-dick shooting serum tbh

  2. Jaeebz

    Just DL’ing now. Just as long as it does* sound like Tipper*, I will be very happy. Also, if it does come with Dick Shooting Serum, that would be very good too. Ye glitch gods; beholdeth Bill! ALso Rating selected: fuking dope.

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