ill-esha – Lighthouse (Mr. Bill Remix)

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Here’s the project file for a remix I did for ill-esha in 2014.

I believe I did this remix right after I finished writing IRL (in case you were wondering where in my production journey I was around that time).


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What's This?

3 reviews for ill-esha – Lighthouse (Mr. Bill Remix)

  1. Paulo De Castro


  2. Mc Ontor

    that’s great

  3. newfolder

    i like it. do u have anything sounding like Uwe Schmidt ( Flanger, Atom TM) .. It sound amazing, technically aswell. For example Nuclear Jazz – Flanger . I wonder what techniques he uses and some of your SC. Tracks sound similar, so maybe u can grasps his skills and style. Love your Vitality and love u put here on everything , big inspiration !!!

    • Mr. Bill

      Hmmm maybe on the new album haha. I know flanger though! Super cool stuff. I wouldn’t mind writing some stuff like that.

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