Glitches and Grains

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How weird are you trying to get with your productions? Because, *WARNING* This pack is not for “normies”. This pack is absolute audio-processing porn. Ever wanted to sound like the glitch kings? Welp, over the top processing is basically how they’re doing it! I’ve saved you the hours of resampling so you can get back to the important stuff – writing the music you want to write! Spanning over 169, 24-bit, 44.1 kHz files totaling 157MB, this pack comes with sounds such that can be no more accurately titled things such as “Pacman Does Drugs For The First Time Gone Wrong.wav”.

Worth 50 Mr. Bill Bucks!
What's This?

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What's This?

6 reviews for Glitches and Grains

  1. Payton Lacy

    definitely some gems in here.

  2. whispy

    this is not rly a review but can u please put a teaser of the samples up so we can see if we like them or not

  3. Fretvision

    These are some rich, bitchen, glitchy, baked in the kitchen samples. A must have for anyone serious about the genre!

  4. Symmöl Metrai

    These samples are great and really unique! I haven’t seen another pack out there quite like this. The textures are insane!

  5. Rhekluse

    Grainy, Glitchy, & Granulated. 3 words I would use to best describe Mr. Bills personality. But we all some self-esteem issues so lets cut him some slack and snag these lovable and layer-able sounds today while supplies last. *prescription pending a physicians approval*

  6. kreatim

    The Quality of this pack is great. There are allot of great usable samples.
    There are to many sample packs out there today and allot of them are not really interesting.
    This sample pack is pretty unique due to the fact that it has allot of great textures.
    I can assure you, you will not find anything like this anywhere online.
    Thanks to Mr. Bill there are finally packs out there that people actually can use.
    Thank you for these great packs!

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