Duddley Stomp (ft. Dirt Monkey)

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WUB… What does it mean? It’s actually an acronym for “what up, bungus?”, cos once you download these project files to ur desktop (like a dingus with shitty file management skills), that’ll be your new Santa-Cruz, 1998-style entrance exclamation…

This is the first track and is a collab with Dirt Monkey released on 19K Sounds.

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7 reviews for Duddley Stomp (ft. Dirt Monkey)

  1. Ron Martyn


  2. Edwardsharp

    Brilliant! Thanks Mr. Bill!

  3. JaviFox


  4. Wesley Star Crushrr

    Killing it cuzz! What up with the project file, Dudley Stomp, Great name .. haha

  5. Christopher

    Sick Wit it!!

  6. Raj J

    for fuck sakes

  7. Danny

    That was epic! The clarity was amazing. Every particle of sound had its own place in the sound scape.

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