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These 96, 24-bit, 44.1 kHz files totalling 1.2GB have you covered for all your environmental, field recording & low-level type noises to really fill the blanks in your productions. This pack includes sounds from basketball courts, bowling alleys, factories, hail slamming into windows (great for putting through granulisers), train stations, sounds recorded underwater & bushwalks (or hikes as you yanks call them) + more! This pack was recorded with a range of microphones through a range of preamps ranging from things as simple as the Olympus LS-10 & Zoom Hn4 to hydrophones by Cold Gold Audio.

Worth 50 Mr. Bill Bucks!
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What's This?

6 reviews for Ambiences

  1. Abdelrahman Osama

    dope more foley pls

  2. Ethr

    The guy knows whats up

  3. Sander Cools

    Rainy Walk is my favourite so far.

  4. Symmöl Metrai

    Some awesome sounds in here that are perfect for layering and filling out a mix!

  5. Rhekluse

    Shower Time and Pissing samples should be a standard for any aspiring musician.

  6. sakti

    Amby wamby af

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