2CT7 (ft. Qebrus)

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What's This?

Mr. Bill & Qebrus – 2CT7 (Pre-Stem Session)

  • I couldn’t freeze “Channel 11” – “Drum Machines” because the routing was kinda complex, so I rendered an audio file out named “Drum Machine Stuff.wav” that just sits underneath that channel & muted the original channel, so the project will play back fine – but unless you have Izotope Alloy 2 & FabFilter Pro-L, that original channel won’t play back quite as expected if you choose to unmute that one & re-mute the new channel I put underneat it titled “Drum Machine (Rendered)”.
  • I couldn’t freeze an instance of Izotope – Trash 2 on the Bass Group (Channel 13) – so again, I rendered it & put a version that sounds correct in the group (but I have this version muted) – Feel free to mute Channel’s 14-17 & turn Channel 18 “Bass Group Rendered” on if you want to hear this correctly. Note: It’s rendered with sidechain compression on it – so the ouput of Channel 18 is not going to the group, but straight to the master instead. Also note: I set up the hot-key “q” to just switch between monitoring the group or the rendered version (try it out – pretty nifty – take “q” for a spin!).
  • There’s an instance of FabFilter Pro-Q 2 on the FX Group (Channel 29) that I couldn’t freeze (because, you cannot freeze groups) – however, it’s just cutting low frequencies for mix purposes. You could easily trade it out for EQ Eight – and infact, I just put an EQ Eight on the group to replicate what it’s doing. You can turn that on if you don’t have Pro-Q 2.
  • Same as the FX Group, there’s an instance of Pro-Q 2 on the Vocals Group (Channel 46) that I couldn’t freeze (due to being on a group again) – so I’ve put an instance of EQ Eight effectively doing the same thing that you can turn on if you don’t have Pro-Q 2.
  • I couldn’t freeze “Return A” – “Long Verb” which has instances of Valhalla Room & Pro-Q 2 on it, so instead, I rendered a version out & saved it as an audio file on “Channel 46” in the FX Group (that seemed like a fitting place for it to go). So if you don’t have those two plug-ins, feel free to mut Return A & turn on Channel 46.

Plug-ins Used (Frozen)

Mr. Bill & Qebrus – 2CT7 (Post Stem Session)

  • I couldn’t freeze “Return A” (as return channels aren’t freezable) which has Valhalla Room & Pro-Q 2 on it, so instead I rendered a copy into “Channel 15” – so if you don’t have these 2 plug-ins, feel free to turn “Return A” off, and turn “Channel 15” on, and you should be back in business.
  • I also couldn’t freeze the master channel, as it’s also not able to be frozen (stoopid Ableton rulez) – so, there’s an instance of both Pro-L & Pro-Q 2 on there, and they’re taking care of the mastering – however, it’s just some simple EQ’ing & limiting to make it sound nice & loud & be a little more balanced.

Plug-ins Used (Frozen)

1 review for 2CT7 (ft. Qebrus)

  1. sidjay23

    Fabulous track with an truly artist so unique…QEBRUS…rest in peace in KEPLER galaxy.
    thomas had a very love for your sound design.

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