The Art of Mr. Bill – Season 03

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The Art Of Mr. Bill – Season 3 (much like seasons 1 & 2) is a multi-part, Ableton Live tutorial series designed to connect the dots for users of all skill-levels.

Most online tutorials will show you neat tricks, important, helpful functions of Live and other fancy things, however, many of them fail to apply these techniques into practical applications that you can ultimately use to make music, and that’s exactly where The Art Of Mr. Bill series’ differ. They aim to help you take all those tricks and tips you know and apply them to your process to ultimately get tracks finished & sounding awesome!


Course Delivery

The Art Of Mr. Bill – Season 3 is made up of 10 videos ranging from around 45 minutes to 60 minutes playtime, each focusing on a new facet of the writing process.



Season 3 aims to show people how I utilise Ableton Live to write music and also discusses an overview of the software (ranging from the very basic to more complex features) including everyday practical applications for a lot of the features. In this season I cover more future bass genre tricks & processes (rather than glitch-hop & IDM as seasons 1 & 2 covered).


By the end of the course, you can expect to:

  • Have a good understanding of how electronic music is written in Ableton Live.
  • Understand the difference between MIDI and audio (and the different applications and uses for both).
  • Have a good understanding of how to arrange and finish tracks.
  • Understand the premise of synthesising your own sounds.
  • Understand sampling, when, how and why to do it.
  • Discover many keyboard shortcuts and other workflow tricks to speed up the writing process.
  • Be able to tackle the process of writing a track from start to finish in Ableton Live using just a few samples and Ableton Live’s native instruments and effects.