MKUltra (ft. Jonah Hodges)

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WUB… What does it mean? It’s actually an acronym for “what up, bungus?”, cos once you download these project files to ur desktop (like a dingus with shitty file management skills), that’ll be your new Santa-Cruz, 1998-style entrance exclamation…

This is the third track and is a collab with Jonah Hodges released on 19K Sounds.


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2 reviews for MKUltra (ft. Jonah Hodges)

  1. darrell devin

    I just bought Ableton suite 3 days ago and when I open the project file it says I need a newer version – r u doing what noisia does and misleading slash misinforming those trying to mimic you? Feels that way

    • Benbodhi (Tech Support)

      That’s really strange… You should be able to open it in the latest version of Ableton Live Suite, no problem.
      Reach out via support if you’d like us to help you look into it.

  2. darrell devin

    The first review? This is a cringe yet lov3ly f33ling I must say…

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